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Access to the largest database of US boats, vessels, and owners is now available for your direct marketing needs.  Promoting your products and services to both the commercial and recreational boating markets is now easier than ever before!

We strive to keep our vessel data base up to date so that your marketing programs can be as accurate as possible.  

208,494 US Recreational Yacht Owners  52,072 Sail Boats  77,542 Commercial Vessels

(Current vessel information was last updated on 02/01/03. Click on the Products button on the left.)

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Roscoe Marketing & Consulting, is now offering to the marine industry, businesses, and individuals a computer data base of large vessels in the US. The US Database of vessel owners both Commercial and Recreational is available for your direct contact needs to promote your products and services. Pricing for Commercial and Recreational vessels are found elsewhere on this site.


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